A powerful new concept of integrated

Regulated and independently developed blockchain solutions focused on strategic management of assets

Why we will become your best option


Highly qualified team in crypto markets and professionals in other specialized fields.


Authorized to operate in a tax-free setting.


Additional to money transactions, we also promote investor knowledge and education programs to scale technologies faster.

What sets us apart?

Tech’s scalability issues are the most prominent for blockchain’s future. It is the biggest challenge this industry faces and needs to be addressed. We focus our efforts on solving them though regulation, technological tools, education and professional knowledge for the investors.

Powerful new concept of integrated, regulated and independently developed blockchain solutions.


GBT has a established priority: its users and community. Determined to contribute and revolutionize the blockchain industry and Crypto-Global Market, these are the key elements differentiating us from the rest:

  1. Currently we are the first platform to operate under the concept of providing solutions and models for each sector of the crypto-market.
  2. We will exert as an entity under strict compliance policies and regulations by the Costa Rican government. There is a considerable amount of participants and private groups who are not regulated or self-regulate say: Gemini Exchange, Bitstamp, Bitflyer USA, Bittrex (virtual commodity association), Coinbase, Circle, Digital Currency Group, Polychain Capital, Protocol Labs and Zcash with Blockchain Association. However, we will not apply government related regulatory authority such as placing enforcement actions or levy fines.
  3. We utilize multiple cybersecurity protocols and certifications. Hacking has accounted for approximately $1.8 billions stolen in a range of about 31 crypto exchanges over the past eight years.
  4. We work along a large network of correspondent banks supplying liquidity which is one of the biggest obstacles in crypto-exchanges.

Our main goal is to work with world-wide leaders in business accounting and consulting firms.